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What Is Mevtec 360 Locum Operation Times?

MEVTEC 360 Locum hours of operation are as follows Monday – Friday 09.00am – 17.00pm
Out of Office hours: 6am-09.00 & 17.00-22.30pm Weekdays-
Weekends & Bank Holidays: 24 hrs On-Call Service.

What Are The Timesheet Rules ?
As soon as you become compliant with MEVTEC 360 Locum, you will be issued with time sheets either electronically or hard copy which must be completed at the end of each assignment. The service user or authorised should sign the timesheet after the shift verifying the number of hours worked by the agency worker at the end of each assignment. All completed timesheets must be submitted to the office not later than Friday noon for payment following Friday, provided the time sheet is valid and there are no issues. If the service user is paying the agency worker’s mileage, an expense form from service user must be completed. Time sheets that are 4 weeks old will not be paid, therefore we encourage all our agency workers to submit timesheets weekly.
How Do I Cancel My Shift Out Of Ours?
Our offices are managed by experienced staff 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If for any reason you need to cancel a shift, it is important that you call us on 07939945851/0208 214 1299 to let us know as soon as possible.We operate a 24 hour mobile service which is managed by our Out of Hours team.
Can I Work For Mevtec 360 As A Limited Company?

To be able to engage as a Limited COMPANY you must be able to provide; a valid certificate of incorporation, have signed a copy of the Limited Company Terms and Conditions and provided bank detail confirmation which confirms the bank account is in the company name. The payroll team will then need to confirm that you are an engaged Director of the Company.

How Do I Get Enrolled To Paye?

If you are aged over 22, are under state pension age, and earn over the legislative threshold, then you will be automatically enrolled. More details will be provided to you at the time of enrolment. Please contact payroll on 0208 214 1299 for more information.

How Do I Register With Mevtec 360 Locum?
You can register with MEVTEC 360 LOCUM using the online application form. Your application will be reviewed and a member of our Registrations Team will contact you to advise on the next steps. Alternatively, you can call us on 07440076596/ 02082141299 to register over the phone. You can email your completed application form to or Upload your CV online.
How Long Does It Take To Get Work?
Our candidate journey is very important to us and we aim to clear candidates as quickly as possible, working and communicating with you throughout the process.
How Long Does Dbs Clearance Take?
The time it takes for a DBS check to be completed varies quite considerably. To ensure that your check is returned as quickly as possible. If you have online DBS, in many cases, checks are returned in just a few days.
What Are Your Rates?
The rate of pay is dependent on where you work, and will vary from placement to placement. We pride ourselves on offering highly competitive rates, and your consultant will be able to confirm the exact rate of pay rate at the point of booking.
How Do I Get My Payslip?
Payslips are accessible online.
Why Do I Need Face To Face Interview With A Mevtec 360 Locum Consultant?
All candidates are required to attend a face-to-face meeting with a MEVTEC 360 Locum Consultant, this enables us to meet you and verify your experience, training and work status.
How Do I Make Myself Available For A Shift?
Please contact our booking team on 0208 214 1299/07939945872 with your availability. Alternatively, send a text to 07939945872 or email
Who Do I Speak To If I Am Not Happy About Anything?
Please email and we will ensure that the correct person addresses any concern you may have.
What Do I Expect From Working For Mevtec 360?
We provide services to NHS Hospitals, private hospitals and nursing homes. Agency work is driven by client demand and so availability can vary from time to time and regionally. Our clients may have long and short term assignments. Agency nurses and carers are booked by our clients usually to cover anything from a short /long term requirement to a maternity /vacancy cover post. Our consultants work extremely hard to secure the best assignments for you.

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